This site last updated on February 09, 2020

Happy Puppy Tails

*Please Don't Forget Your Breeder *

I know from day one not every puppy could stay - preparing them for life took many hours each day.
I love every minute watching them develop and thrive - helping them discover the world fills me with pride.
The weeks are numbered - never enough time- I worry even though I know the puppies will be fine.
Now I trust you with this puppy and hope you understand, I hand picked you and expect you to follow the plan.
Continue to provide new experiences each day - never stop training - and always include play.
I will never forget my puppies and will always be here - please provide them the best for the rest of their years.
No matter how long ago your baby was here - not staying in touch is my biggest fear.

Millie has found her special home in Sturgeon County.

MysticBlu’s Barnaby Brown Call name Micheal  (now marten) is officially in his forever home with Jean and Terry Sashuk.

Thunder has found his forever home with Dave Tassoni and family.

Our Extended MysticBlu Family

Dottie has found her forever home in Edmonton with Kathy Wilson.

Grover is living happily ever after with Jack and Cora in Vancouver, BC.

Jack has found his forever home with Les Sparrow. We are sure they will have many great adventures.

Poe has gone to his forever home with Carol Ann and Graff family.

Ginger has a wonderful home with the Brown's in Edson Alberta.

Sparkles (now Oreo) has gone to live with her sister Ginger and the Brown family.

Little Mouse is now residing in her forever home with Lynn Deleff and a new doggie friend.

Trouble has also decided to go live with Lynn Deleff. What a good looking, happy trio they are.

Yoshi is in his forever home and getting much love from the Lorenzo family in Edmonton.

MysticBlu's Golden Ticket 

 Aka - " Gustus"

Going to his forever home with Tara where we know he will have an amazing life.

MysticBlu's Doppleganger 

 Aka - "Bruno"

Went to his forever home with Jade & Derrick. Enjoy this wonderful boy. We look forward to many happy updates.

MysticBlu's Chocoloate Harmony - Aka - Mia

With her new mama Loretta

Linda's  Here's Your One Chance - Aka - Fancy

Fancy is doing wonderfully in her forever home with Linda and Rick Pringle. We couldn't be happier!

Our Miss Truffles has found her retirement home with Linda and Rick. We are so thrilled and we know she will have the best of care and be thoroughly spoiled which is as it should be. And best of all she has been reunited with her bestie "Fancy:".